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Hi everyone!

We hope you all have been doing well during these times. We are so excited to grow our spa family and now have 5 women owned businesses under one roof!

October Special

50% off any service you haven't tried yet with any of us! (excludes lash extensions and wedding services/makeup)

Mention this special and we will apply your discount at checkout. Thank you for your love and support!

 Myself Keren, Sarah, Tatiana , and Jodi are all estheticians and Yani is our amazing manicurist! We are all our own business owners within With Love and Company! This allows for more opportunities for flexible schedules, to serve you more, and growth for each person as well! We welcome Tatiana Cleaver and Jodi Post to our amazing team! They are both esthetician's of over 3 years experience. They bring new and exciting services to the spa. Tatiana with microdermabrasion and Jodi with full body speed waxing! We will continue to serve you in the best ways and we will work together if you want multiple services or wedding makeup.


GIFT CARDS PREVIOUSLY WITH WITH LOVE & CO MAY ONLY BE USED WITH KEREN! NEW Gift cards are available with each person. If you have any questions you can reach out to any of us and we will help guide you.
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Revamped Boutique!
I am so excited to have revamped and continue to add on to our boutique within our spa! To stay up to date please follow our boutique page on FB or instagram at

Style With Love Boutique!
We are offer shipping and local porch drop off so please contact us on instagram or FB if you would like to order! 


*At anytime before or during your apt, if you do not feel well please let us know to reschedule your apt.

*If we hear excessive coughing/sneezing/blowing your nose etc. we will reschedule your apt for the safety of yourself and others.

*Please come right at your apt time to maintain less people in our waiting area.

*Only those with the apt are allowed in to stay with given guidelines. We are sorry no extra guests at this time.

*Please wear a mask as CDC recommends in public places. We will have masks for purchase if needed. We understand some of our services need to be mask-less like facials/spray tans/ and lip waxing but please still come in with a mask.

*You will be asked a few questions posted outside our door. When you come in, you are agreeing you replied no to all questions for the health and safety of yourself and others.

*We ask that when you come in to please use our wash station.

*Please bring your own water & snacks as we have protected our station until further notice.

*There is extra time assigned to every apt for us to not rush in our cleaning before and after your service. Your service will not take as long as the time says, it is also there for you to have time to exist with less contact around other people.

*We will continue to wear gloves, use one time use disposable items, clean with our medical grade disinfectant, as we always have.

*We will now be wearing masks and also have clear shields at our nail station and reception desk, also we will have face shields for close face contacting apts.

*CONTACTLESS CHECKOUT! When booking with Vagaro and having your card on file we are able to do contactless checkout!


Thank you for your support & sending all the love ! - With Love and Company




Master Brow Artist

Skin Specialist

 Aveda Facials

Beauty Expert

Wedding Makeup Artist

Aveda Makeup Artist

Spray tan Artist

Master Wax Artist

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Master Brow artist

Skin Specialist

Aveda Facials

Beauty Expert | Cosmetologist

Wedding Hair & Makeup 

Aveda Makeup Artist

Spray Tan Artist

Master Wax Artist

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Licensed Manicurist

Manicure and Pedicure Specialist

Luminary Nail Master

Aveda Manicurist

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w/ Diamond Tip

Wax / tint


and more!

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Full Body

Wax Master!

3 years experience at a wax center

With Love & Company                             call or text 316.832.8080                  8414 W 13th St N, Suite 200 Wichita KS 67212