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We LOVE to do brows! We specialize in The Perfect Brows
( techniques with Henna Brows + expert shaping + waxing )
 brow wax and tinting
We use Nufree soy wax and Acai berry wax for all of our waxing.
We carry No Scream Cream (numbing before wax),
& Get the Bump Out Of Here cream for any bumps with or without shaving too.
Nufree benefits: it is a soy based, non-wax antimicrobial antibacterial botanical formulation. Contains no wax, no sugar, no honey. Safe for the entire body.
Clinically tested and uses no animal products.
Acai berry wax is our hard wax and it is great for helping inflammation for the skin during and after waxing! No strips needed. 

The Perfect Brows                           85.00
Brow wax + tint                              40.00
Brow wax                                      30.00
Lip                                                15.00

Brow + Lip                                     40.00
Brow + Lip + Chin                           50.00
Under arm                                     35.00
Full face                                         75.00
Hand & arm ( includes both)                75.00   

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